Gearhart House: Build (July)


We're building a house on the coast. And I've been invited to join the construction crew.

This page represents the "Build" portion of the design/build process I've been chronicling here since February 2015, and is where I will be documenting the physical construction of the house. The "Design" portion (linked to above) described a bit of history, my family's decision-making process, the progress we made in coming to a design we liked, as well as the progress I made in learning how to design a house by the seat of my pants. 

Construction drawings have been drafted, permits have been issued, the old house has been demolished, and the lot has been leveled. Construction is due to commence in mid-July.


July 14: Foundation poured

Floor Framing

July 21 - 23: Floor framed

Wall Framing

July 24 - August 5: Walls framed on the first floor