Peloton Lobby Screens

  • Custom architectural screens for the Peloton Apartments on N Williams Ave in Portland, OR
  • Ten 9' x 3' steel panels, laser-cut and powder-coated
  • In collaboration with Groundswell (Christina Conant and David Boekelheide)
  • Vector illustrations drafted by JLE based on sketches by Christina Conant

Groundswell statement:

The composition will, at a distance, use a low close up perspective as if looking through the layers of commuting cyclists. Three or four larger wheels spanning several panels will be subtly defined by a delicate pattern of varying diameter circles interspersed with a few sprockets. This varied perforation will add a sense of energetic movement up close while creating a larger design spanning the entire length of the hallway. Linear diagonals referencing different bicycle treads will accentuate the perspective of the angles interior hall. The tire tread lines will provide visual foreground for the more subtle wheels but also add a layer that represents a bird’s eye view of individual paths merging together or diverging depending on the angle of approach.